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Welcome to Sharanam

Discover your inner being with our retreats

Find balance and serenity at our side

At SHARANAM, we are here to walk with you on your journey towards a new stage of well-being.

We advocate a peaceful life, seeking to be in harmony with nature and outdoors, preparing food with awareness.

We, welcome you with open arms at SHARANAM. Aleid, a psychologist and yoga instructor with over two decades of therapeutic experience, and Doby, a massage therapist, Reiki therapist and chef, make a dedicated team.

Balance and renewal:

At SHARANAM, we are proud to offer unique services that will guide you on a journey towards personal transformation and lasting balance. Our programs are complete with therapy/coaching, yoga, meditation, massages and healthy food.

Let us be part of your path to wellbeing!

Experience our retreats

Counselling sesions

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Life Coaching and Psychotherapy

Yoga and meditation

Benefits of our Yoga retreats and our Counselling retreats.

We offer therapeutic retreats with daily counselling sessions for individuals and couples or family members. The talking sessions are perfectly supported by movement and relaxation in a safe and spacious environment. Our yoga retreats are adapted to your needs and your next phase. They also include attention for your personal nutrition, massage and individual sessions adapted to you.

Experience yoga therapy retreats

A focusssed approach on personal growth ánd a good time out; We call it ‘Escape without running away’.

Group yoga practice

Our maximum limit of 5 people per session guarantees a close experience adapted to your individual needs.

Enjoy a culinary experience

Our full board includes all vegetarian meals, fresh fruits, healthy snacks and drinks. We take personal care of your needs and like to inspire you with healthy combinations from all over the world.

Our blog

We welcome you to our blog, where knowledge and inspiration meet. Discover articles that address key wellness topics, from special workouts to conscious nutrition.

How do we deal with the shock of war, with witnessing violence, with a feeling of powerlessness? How do we balance ourselves when we...

Essentially in the tradition, once we attach the word “yoga” to anything, it indicates that it is a complete path by itself. If it is...

May we all find the way from outer to inner focus. May we all allow ourselves time for shock digestion and then settle…integrate. May...

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