Welcome to Sharanam Retreats


Escape without running away…

Personal and open contact with experienced professionals for your transition into a new phase.

Yoga, meditation, focusing and other consciousness techniques for relaxation and deepening your experience or healing.

Great food and nutritional inspiration for a feeling of being supported on all levels.

Sharanam Retreats offer:

  • Yoga retreats with personalised coaching
  • The benefits of Nature with the sea, mountains, trees and flowers nearby, with a wonderful Mediterranean climate
  • Yoga therapy retreats individually or with a partner or friend. You will always have a private room and bathroom
  • Small group yoga with personal attention: we host a maximum of 5 people at a time
  • Full board: all vegetarian meals, fresh fruits, healthy snacks & drinks (fresh variation of juices) are included

We enable you to give yourself undivided attention in a beautiful setting.

New location! Since 2022 our main center is in the province of Girona, where the Pyrenees meet the mediterranean sea, just under the most southern coastline of France. The medieval watermill with 4 artisticly renovated guest rooms with bathroom on the river side lies in a green valley surrounded by olive groves and wineries, hills and mountains dotted with age-old ritual stone formations, truly a magical area.

Aleid Warmelink is a qualified psychologist and yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience of therapeutic work. Doby van den Berg is a massage and Reiki therapist as well as chef. We facilitate the retreats working as a couple, sometimes adding other therapists to the household.

Retreat programs

The individual retreats are ‘individual’ in the sense that you can come alone and start on whatever day of the year – just when you need it – and the attention you get is personalised. We will look at your yoga level and needs…

Coaching & Counseling

With therapy we search for repetitive patterns which prevent you from feeling comfortable. We try to see the patterns more clearly and then gradually lessen their strength. Accepting the reality of how old projections…

Yoga & Meditation

First you learn how to move and then you learn how to let the movements move you! Every position has a balance that generates flow. And each time a pose can have a different effect or a different layer. I see yoga as…

A therapy / coaching / yoga retreat can be something for you when:


  • you need a change but still have to define it
  • you love yoga and like to deepen your practice
  • you want to pluck up courage to take a major step
  • you have never done yoga or meditation and think it could be good
  • you want to come together with your partner to solve a relationship problem
  • you want to come together with your partner to relax and enjoy
  • you want to consider a personal trait which is proving an obstacle
  • you seek support in coping with a loss (after the death of a loved one, redundancy or the end of a relationship)
  • you want to enter a new phase in your life more consciously and energetically
  • you are overburdened or becoming so
  • you would like to spend time on personal development out of interest

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