Bed & Breakfast


The Patio Room

Room with private colorful mosaic bathroom with toilet and shower, in the room a desk, our most beautiful wardrobe, a sink and 2 windows, one window south to the patio with a sitting area and steps down to the river, and one window facing the river with seating in the window-space.The room has a romantic queen bed-cave with curtains and snoozle lights. There is a sofa that can be converted in an extra bed.


The River Room

I would call this spacious room a suite with its beautiful bed placed facing 2 windows looking out at the river and the sunset. It is a creative space with a desk, an antique wardrobe, 2 lounge chairs and pillows to sit in the window.

The room has central heating for the winter and a fan in the summer. It has many medieval and recent artistic elements to discover.

The room is very private at the end of the corridor and has a private bathroom with a floor made of collected river stones, giving you sensory shower experience.


The Bodega Room

This is a very special room, a historic place. The bodega used to be the storage of the water mill. The bow shaped bodega room and dining space with its irregular steps and bathroom are the oldest part of the house, probably medieval.

The room has central heating for the winter but actually always has more or less the same temperature like a cave, your personal retreat. This is the best place during hot summers. It is a cozy space with a queen size bed, and an extra bed or meditation cushions, a desk and a wardrobe. The theme we added to the room is Andalusian, like the many cave houses that can be found around Granada. The room has wooden panels above the bed, in front of the window and with light effects in mudejar patterns.

The bathroom with a big medieval pot as decoration, a sink, toilet and shower, has an extra space with a small personal sauna (infrared and steam).


The Library Room

This is our only room on the first floor next to the Yoga Space and also looking out over the river.

It is a single room connecting to our library full of interesting books. The room has a wardrobe, a desk, central heating and a separate private bathroom.

We call it the psychedelic bathroom, because we found this exquisite tile and sink.

It’s a fun colorful room that we also use for guest teachers. You will have to pass through our kitchen, which some people find a privilege….