Individual Retreats Mallorca

The individual retreats are ‘individual’ in the sense that you can come alone and start on whatever day of the year – just when you need it – and the attention you get is personalized.

We will look at your yoga level and needs, your dietary needs or wishes to learn about food and health. Then in your private sessions we offer you personal guidance.


Escape Without Running Away

Our name for those retreats is “Escape without running away”. We offer two different one-week packages. For price information and further detail see Retreat Packages.

They consist of one or more weeks in Majorca, with therapy or less intensive coaching in combination with yoga instruction. We are totally committed to this approach, which we call the ‘varied path’ to a personality. The yoga, meditation and the individual sessions complement each other.

You do not necessarily have to talk a lot, or come with a ‘problem’, insight can be joyful…..

Aleid gives yoga sessions in small groups 2-5 people at a time and of the individual coaching / therapy, preferably outdoors as soon as the sun is out. Doby supports everybody with healthy tasty vegetarian world food, a good chat and laugh, music, and massage or reiki. All this happens in a homely atmosphere, with space to retreat or to be sociable whenever you want. Our guests have their own bedroom and bathroom, and the garden and surroundings offer plenty of space to relax.


Aleid is available as ONLINE PRIVATE PSYCHOLOGIST. I offer in-depth life coaching: We will work with dialogue complemented by breath work, meditation and focusing practices.

If you feel ready to take a look at patterns -themes around loneliness, (self) criticism, anxiety, loss of direction, disharmony- then let me support and guide you to clear them out and become lighter inside yourself, or with your partner.

5 sessions 375 euros. For every 4 paying persons I will offer the same package to 1 person in need who has no financial reserve. You can help someone else a lot this way!

Example Day Program


  • 08:30-9:00  breakfast smoothie and tea
  • 09:00-11:00  yoga in small group (in summer earlier and sometimes on the beach), special coffee / tea and healthy snack after yoga
  • 12:30-13:30  individual session
  • 13:30-14:30  hot vegetarian lunch together, siesta (-: walk / swim / cycle etc
  • 17:00-18:00  massage
  • 19:00-20:00 
    – light dinner (together or take it where/when you like)
    – enjoy our infra red sauna in the evening if you like
    – once a week a special option for mantra singing evening, or live music, a large sauna, a longer walk/cycle tour etc