Our packages are all inclusive

Below you find our concrete programs and prices. You chose one, contact us with any inquiry, question or request, then we write or talk as we always want contact before booking, and decide together.

Our packages always include private sessions, yoga in a small group, all meals and drinks and snacks. Of course relaxation and lots of time for walks, cycle rides, beach and swims are also included. The private sessions can be dialogue but also therapeutic yoga, meditation and breath work tailored to your needs.

Many people book individually. Then you will get the use of a double room and bathroom for yourself. You can bring a partner, family member or friend in the same room with a large discount ( with or without the same program).


Life coaching and psychotherapy are planned with flexible timing per person or couple. The yoga and meals and extra meditations and excursions are in a group of maximum 5. It is also possible to book all our 3 double bed rooms for a group of family or friends enjoying the program together.

**Specifically we offer also retreats for Healthcare professionals. Integration and recovery from the intense experiences of working during COVID. Do you know people who have gone through very intense tasks, you can refer them to me for support.

**Do you feel that we deserve support for our work in service of others….donations are very welcome. We use them towards finishing our 2 new rooms, more features for our guests, and towards support of people in need without financial backup. You can support someone else to benefit from our programs.

Escape without Running Away, 7 nights counseling and yoga retreat


-for COUPLES and for FRIENDS

-14 nights optional for deepening yoga or counseling

    • 6x 60min individual counseling, coaching, individual yoga or breathwork
    • 6x 90min yoga (most often 3, max 5 persons in class)
    • 1x 60 min massage/Reiki
    • 7 nights in twin/double for individual use plus full board all meals, fruits, snacks, drinks
    • 3 short meditations 
    • personalized diet
    • walks with meditation in beautiful natural/historical places nearby 
    • use of bicycles, swim in natural pool
    • use of (infra)red light therapy for skin healing, mood stabilization and muscle relaxation, general regeneration. 
    • New optional offerings:
      -local wine and olive oil tasting in one of the village-‘cooperativa’.
      -Alex is a naturopath, prepares many of his own oils and offers a great variation of ayurvedic treatments, relaxation and sportmassages. You can book sessions with him in our home. (Doby still does his well received massage/reiki sessions, one per person included in the program.)

Individual for €1750,00
Discounted or returning customers from € 1575,00

For couples, work partners or relatives € 2950,00
Discounted or returning customers from € 2685,00

Offer with discount for bringing a partner/friend in twin room with for the extra person only yoga, lodging and meals for +€ 600,00

FOR PARTNERS ‘Escape without running away’, 7 nights, counseling and yoga retreat

Accompanied by psychologist trained in Clinical Image Relationship Therapy. We can work on relationship problems, but also exploratory and enriching for those interested in strengthening your bond and knowledge of each other.

6x 90 min PARTNER/RELATIONSHIP counseling OR each individual person 6x 60 min counseling (a combination is also possible, 1x 90 min partners = 2x 60 min individually)
remainder as above

€ 2950.00 for returning customers from € 2685.00

Personalized Yoga and Meditation Retreat, 7 nights

Vegetarian world food OR juice detox /detox light

-Individual (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

-for COUPLES and for FRIENDS

With Healthy Vegetarian World Food or with 6 days Juice Detox

  • 2x 60min guiding coaching session at start and end of the retreat
  • 2x 60min session of choice (coaching, breath work, meditation, massage)
  • 6x 90min yoga (most often 4, max 5 persons in class)
  • 1x 60min massage/Reiki
  • 7 nights in twin/double plus full board all meals, fruits, snacks, drinks (fresh variation of juices)
  • *spontaneous walking excursions or a drive to the sea*Use of river pool with outdoor shower, red light therapy lamp, bicycles (not pro but various types), maps, guide books, creative materials

For 1 person € 1550,00 / discounted or returning customers from € 1395,00
For 2 persons full program from € 2585,00 / discounted or returning customers from € 2350,00
Offer with discount for bringing a partner/friend in twin room with for the extra person only yoga, lodging and meals for +€ 600,00



Co-creation retreats /Escape without Running Away / Personalized Yoga Retreat, 7 nights for families and groups

A similar program with shared content can be crafted for one or two families at the time including family yoga, family mediation, guided walks etc.

Groups max 9 adults combining our location plus our neighbours with a total of 7 rooms for guests, 10 beds.