Life Coaching and Psychotherapy

We offer life coaching, psychotherapy, couples therapy, marriage counseling, body-oriented psychotherapy, yoga therapy and yoga teacher guidance.

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Aleida Warmelink has a masters degree in Clinical psychology / licenciada de psicología and specialisations in Couples therapy, burnout, depression, anxiety, grief, mindfulness, self forgiveness, focusing, coaching through life stages. Please contact me, Aleida, for a free orientation. I strive to respond within the same day.

From coaching to counselling​

Coaching, investigation and opening to more possibilities

Coaching, investigation and opening to more possibilities.

With coaching there doesn’t need to be any question of a ‘problem’, more of a desire to make your presence easier at work, home or in your social network. We explore your wishes together and discuss ways of achieving an improvement:

  • If you’re dissatisfied with yourself
  • If you’re overloaded (to prevent burnout)
  • In understanding where your talents and qualities lie
  • In your social and communicative skills
  • When there’s an imbalance between work and your private life

Bodywork, breathwork and yoga guidance

1) Body psychotherapy.
2) Yoga therapy: using yoga and breath work for specific physical and emotional healing processes.
3) Mentoring, personal guidance of yoga teachers.

Intensive counselling or psychotherapy

With intensive counselling or psychotherapy we work daily on a specific theme like anxiety, depression, identity issues, relationship issues, grief, burnout. If desired we can also do preparative sessions online and continue working with a lower frequency after the retreat. We search for repetitive patterns which prevent you from feeling comfortable. We try to see the patterns more clearly and then gradually lessen their strength.

Accepting the reality of how old projections repeat in the present is necessary to understand your thought patterns and automatic reactions. Then you set to work to choose another direction for yourself, or to react differently, or to organize more support for things you cannot change yourself.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Solution focused therapy.
  •  Imago relationship therapy.
  •  Schema therapy (J. Young).
  • Client centered psychotherapy.
  • Focussing.

Therapeutic approaches

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Homework and exercises are provided, such as record keeping, writing, exposure, behavioral, mental, communication and relaxation experiments.

Solution-focused therapy

We explore how you would behave differently if the problem were fictionally solved and who or what would have a positive impact on your symptoms. In treatment, we actively seek solutions.

Client-centered psychotherapy

This approach is composed of three essential elements: compassion, acceptance and authenticity. The therapist strives to empathize with the client, to accept the client without judgment and to help the client avoid self-condemnation.

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