Therapeutic methods

We use psychotherapy, coaching, body oriented psychotherapy and yoga therapy. In practice those techniques are not always clearly distinct, but here some descriptions for your orientation.


Therapy, intensive counseling

With therapy we search for repetitive patterns which prevent you from feeling comfortable. We try to see the patterns more clearly and then gradually lessen their strength. Accepting the reality of how old projections repeat in the present is necessary to understand your thought patterns and automatic reactions. Then you set to work to choose another direction for yourself, or to react differently, or to organize more support for things you cannot change yourself.

I make use of various therapeutic techniques:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • solution focused therapy
  • Imago Relationship Therapy
  • schema therapy (J. Young)
  • client centered psychotherapy
  • existential therapy

If you’re interested in reading more about them click here.

Coaching, investigation and opening to more possibilities

With coaching there doesn’t need to be any question of a ‘problem’, more of a desire to make your presence easier at work, home or in your social network. We explore your wishes together and discuss ways of achieving an improvement:

  • if you’re dissatisfied with yourself
  • if you’re overloaded (to prevent burnout)
  • in understanding where your talents and qualities lie
  • in your social and communicative skills
  • when there’s an imbalance between work and your private life


Body focused therapy, feeling as well as talking

A combination of dialogue therapy and working with your body offers various routes to recovery. Body focussed therapy does not involve physical contact between client and therapist, because that’s not needed. For me it mainly involves enhancing your body awareness. This can be through breathing exercises or movement. Clients very often benefit from learning to listen better to signals from their body. We can also make use of a technique known as ‘focusing’. This is a means of directing your attention inside yourself and describing what you encounter; I support you in a sort of meditative visual dialogue.

In addition, there are many exercises to improve awareness of your mental and emotional energy, your strength or limits, boundaries, life vision etc.

We consider yoga also a therapeutic method. See yoga section of the website.

We offer massage and Reiki to enhance relaxation and integration. See for massage under Doby van den Berg.