Yoga classes


Class structure

In  the yoga classes or private sessions we always start with a meditation and the sun salutation, and then 1 or 2 other series like the five Tibetan rites, sometimes other sequences. The mid-section of the class we will do 5-10 different poses (asanas) and we’ll stay some time in each pose. In ‘our’ way of yoga you get slower the more advanced you get…as there is more and more to be experienced when you are fully present in every part of the movement.

To bring more warmth and energy in the poses, I alternate the slow poses with Pranayama breath work, repetitive Kundalini poses and Vinyasa short flow sequences. We end the class with relaxation.


Because of my more than 20 years’ experience in yoga as practitioner and instructor, I have a strongly developed intuition and eye for the body’s subtleties and the breath. With that I guide people personally, with one-on-one wording and guiding touch for everybody. In our all-year-round retreats we have maximum 5 participants at the time, mostly 3 or 4, so that also brings other possibilities than in large group classes. (if invited somewhere I love doing bigger groups too J, just contact me)

At the start of the retreat I assess the combinations of everybody’s needs and decide on how I build up the classes and what aspects we can emphasize. In a week we often work from the base up through the body. Each next class I can explain some more on the organs, emotional connections and muscle areas of different body parts.

You can come to work on specific things. Possible themes include: physical awareness, managing pain, coping with your limits, and with specific emotions. We can work on your capacity to move from inside, building up strength, creating space, finding an inner balance. We can deepen your breathing and focus it on over-tense parts of your body. You can also learn to use your breathing as a source of energy.

Beginners and advanced

Advanced yoga is not easy, but the basic principles are very accessible. You can come to me as a complete beginner. I love to show and to see the first realizations of ‘what yoga can be’. Basic lessons mainly concentrate on:

  • learning to move starting from a relaxed position
  • learning to direct your attention and breathing
  • learning inner perception

But also experienced yogis will find new inspiration in a new way of looking at their practice.


review by two “experienced” yogis: For us it was the intention to simply enjoy yoga and healthy food and be pampered. The yoga sessions by Aleid gave us so much more than expected. We received very personal attention, deepening the Assana’s, meditation and breathing exercises were an eye opener. So many extras we never expected. With a backpack full of energy and new inspiration we went home. Thank you so much! Gisella and Maranka