Yoga Retreat in Spain


This retreat is for you when…

  • you are looking for a small group yoga therapy retreat with a lot of personal attention
  • you have never done yoga or meditation and think it could be good
  • you love yoga and like to deepen your practice
  • you want to (learn to) practice hatha kundalini yoga
  • you are looking for a guidance on your path inward
  • you want to enter a new phase in your life more consciously and energetically
  • you are overburdened or becoming so
  • you need a change but still have to define it

The yoga retreats are ‘individual’ in the sense that you can come alone and start on whatever day of the year – just when you need it – and the attention you get is personalized. We will look at your yoga level and needs, your dietary needs or wishes to learn about food and health. Then in your private sessions we offer you personal guidance.


Escape Without Running Away

Our name for the yoga retreat is “Escape without running away”. You will stay one week (or more) in our guesthouse, with coaching in combination with yoga instruction. We are totally committed to this approach, which we call the ‘varied path’ to a personality. The yoga, meditation and the individual sessions complement each other. You do not necessarily have to talk a lot, or come with a ‘problem’, insight can be joyful…..


Aleid gives yoga sessions in small groups (2-5 people at a time) and individual coaching, preferably outdoors as soon as the sun is out. Doby supports everybody with healthy tasty vegetarian world food, a good chat and laugh, music, and massage or reiki. All this happens in a homely atmosphere, with space to retreat or to be sociable whenever you want. Our guests have their own bedroom and bathroom, and the garden and surroundings offer plenty of space to relax.


This retreat is including:

  • 2x 60 min guiding coaching session at start and end of the retreat
  • 2x 60 min session of choice (coaching, breath work, meditation, massage)
  • 6x 90 min yoga (most often 4, max 5 persons in class)
  • 1x 60 min massage/Reiki
  • 7 nights in a private room with bathroom plus full board all meals, fruits, snacks, drinks (fresh variation of juices)
  • spontaneous walking excursions or a drive to the sea
  • Use of river pool with outdoor shower, red light therapy lamp, bicycles (not pro but various types), maps, guide books, creative materials

Price of this yoga retreat

For 1 person € 1550,00 / discounted or returning customers from € 1395,00
For 2 persons (friends, work partners or relatives) full program from € 2585,00 / discounted or returning customers from € 2350,00
Offer with discount for bringing a partner/friend in twin room with for the extra person only yoga, lodging and meals for +€ 600,00

Example Day Program


  • 08:00  breakfast smoothie and tea
  • 08:30-10:00  yoga in small group (in summer earlier and sometimes on the beach), special coffee / tea and healthy snack after yoga
  • 10:30-12:30  individual sessions
  • 13:30-14:30  hot vegetarian lunch together, siesta (-: walk / swim / cycle etc
  • 17:00-18:00  massage
  • 19:00-20:00 light dinner (together or take it where/when you like)
  • evening programme: sunset walk & meditation, enjoy our infra red sauna in the evening if you like, once a week a special option for mantra singing evening, or live music, a large sauna, a longer walk/cycle tour etc.