First you learn how to move and then you learn how to let the movements move you! Every position has a balance that generates flow. And each time a pose can have a different effect or a different layer. I see yoga as ‘meditation in movement’. I don’t think yoga is just a series of positions which you can learn.

Yoga helps you to develop yourself on physical, emotional and energetic levels. You can be aware of these aspects simultaneously or one by one. A crucial aspect of yoga is that you make progress by relaxing, not by putting yourself under pressure.


Types of Yoga

When I, Aleid, started there weren’t so many different variations, mainly classical Hatha yoga, Iyengar and Vinyasa styles spread first to the West.

The form of yoga which I practice is called “Transformational Yoga”, and can be technically seen as a mix of Hatha (physical poses), Raja (meditation) and subtle Kundalini yoga (balancing opposite energies). This style was developed by Ganga Hoogendoorn. It has been enriching my life for over 20 years. This form of yoga has always been my base and inspiration for the form which I now practice as an instructor.

How I started

I met my teacher, Ganga Hoogendoorn, through a friend when I was studying to become a psychologist. I realized that the inner process offered by yoga was completely complementary to the theoretical knowledge offered by my university course. In Amsterdam I received and later gave lessons in the Sai Mithra Yoga Centre. Nowhere else – not even in India – have I found a teaching style which is so well-balanced and appropriate in today’s hectic society. The sessions provide a unique combination of hatha yoga asanas (body positions), awareness of energy flows, meditation, enhanced consciousness and relaxation.


Experiences manifest themselves in your body, self-image, relationships and behavior. Transformation refers in the main to the transition from fear to love. I could say a lot more about this, but that would be going too far here. If you’re interested, I can recommend some books or tell you more about it personally.

I have a ‘permissive’ teaching style in a sense that I never wish to force nor a physical nor a spiritual experience on someone. Everybody finds out what one needs to find out when one is ready to find out. And paradoxically fully accepting where you are opens the way for discovery and change.