Aleid and Doby


Aleid and Doby met on New years eve ’98/’99 and some months later became inseparable. They love living, traveling and working together. For many years in a mini-apartment in Amsterdam or under the wide open sky in nature…. all is good.

In April 2008 Doby and Aleid moved to Majorca to create more opportunity for being in nature, study and contemplation, creative inspiration and meditation. In 2021 they moved to their current house, a medieval mill on a small river in the North of Spain between the mediterranean sea and Pyrenees.

Being childless themselves, they enjoy greatly to take care of people in need of a relaxed home. They are happy to receive you in their home in the name of welcome and removing obstacles from your life…Sharanam!


Aleid Warmelink

Aleid is a qualified yoga instructor who utilizes her knowledge of evidence-based psychology and eastern knowledge and practice to gain a wider perspective and approach to healing. *Licensed psychologist (Masters Clinical Psychology, Amsterdam), Imago Couples Therapist. *23 years of experience as psychologist and life coach. *Senior yoga teacher with 24 years of yoga experience with over 4000 teaching hours and received over 1000 hours of teacher training. 


Aleid uses her strongly developed intuition and ‘holistic eye’ in her psychotherapy sessions. She was born and bred in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her travels have made her more knowledgeable of different traditions and cultures. As a psychologist she wanted to learn more about important teachers in different times and cultures. Aleid is fascinated by the human mind, but also the spiritual heart. She thinks she will never want to stop finding new inspiration, every person is a world. She is always reading a lot of books from mainstream psychology to holistic techniques. Transformational Yoga has been her main spiritual practice since she started her studies at University. 

Personal Radiance

Aleid has worked in psychiatry for several years, first with adolescents, and then with people with psychotic disorders. Since 2004 she has concentrated on her own blend of yoga, coaching, therapy, and meditation when she started her own successful psychological practice called “Personal Radiance” in the center of Amsterdam.

Doby van den Berg


Doby comes from a family with a curiosity towards many different cultures, especially culinary culture and music. He sarted helping his mother in the kitchen from a young age and has never stopped enjoying the process of preparing World food, and the pleasure of eating together.

He is always interested in finding new spices and herbs from every possible region of the world, similarly collecting authentic music from all over the world. He possesses quite impressive collections on both topics.

Doby found like-minded friends, with whom he gets together every year for night long buffets to experiment, share new ideas and enjoy each others culinary creations.

Doby trained as a cabinet maker first to allow him to live and work anywhere in the world and building beautiful kitchens was a favorite.

In Holland Doby offered his cooking talents every once in a while for formational groups and retreats organized by friends. After emigrating and going through cancer, Doby took up healthy, tasty cooking as a new profession and loves it!


Massage and Reiki

Another talent he picked up in the second part of his life was expanding his skills in massage and Reiki. Doby followed courses in a combination of Ayurvedic and Pressure point massage by Ganga Hoogendoorn (Aleid’s yoga teacher) and Reiki second level with Denise Ernsting. His strong calm presence goes very well with this work