Yoga and massages

Yoga contributes to physical, emotional and energetic development by encouraging simultaneous awareness of these aspects or individually. The key lies in progressing through relaxation, not pressure.

Yoga classes

Class Structure

Aleida teaches the yoga classes. During the retreats she teaches always 90minutes each morning and extra meditations in the afternoons. Everything as much as possible outside, or with the windows open above the river. In our yoga classes, we begin with meditation and sun salutation, followed by another serie or preparing breath work. In the middle of the class, we practice 5 to 7 different postures (asanas), staying in each one, while the teacher walks around to support and adjust. Then we end with either breathwork or meditation and relaxation.


During the week, Aleida helps you explore organs, emotional connections and muscular areas, often working from the feet upwards through the body until the head and the subtle senses. We will be addressing specific topics such as body-mind awareness, pain management, your inner eye, life-balance, control versus flexibility, emotional digestion, mental clarity, nerve system regulation.

Beginners and advanced

Are all mixed in the same class because beginners can get a lot of personal guidance, intermediate can strengthen the body-mind connection and meditation in movement. The advanced can work with more experimentation and the inner work.
Lessons focus on learning to move from relaxation, directing attention and breathing, and developing inner perception.

Types of yoga

In the classes we work with traditional hatha yoga as a base, aiming towards developing ‘the inner eye’ for our body mind connection. We use a physically restorative way of working with the body, which is also greatly complementary to sports. The main focus is that by relaxing in poses, without strain, we can achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. On the Therapeutic yoga level we are working with inner observation of patterns and towards the release of emotional blockages in specific areas. During the retreats we practice daily meditation: short practices at the start of each class and 3 times per week a longer Vipassana practice in nature. Mindfulness is an integral part of how we plan the day: wake up in silence, walk with attention, prepare food in a mindful way.

Relaxation training

Progressive Relaxation

Deep Relaxation is a luxury in today’s fast-paced, stimulating life.

When the system is overstimulated, it is crucial to allow the agitation to diminish gradually, avoiding rushing.

Yoga nidra

In Yoga nidra, all senses except hearing are withdrawn, and the teacher uses suggestions to touch awareness at points in the body, reflecting on the light and the heavy.

Visualization and autosuggestion

By being guided through landscapes and experiencing pleasant sensory changes in the body, some people manage to distance themselves from daily habits and tensions, breaking muscular patterns of tension retention.

Massage and Reiki

Another talent Doby picked up in the second part of his life was expanding his skills in massage and Reiki. Doby followed courses in a combination of Ayurvedic and Pressure point massage by Ganga Hoogendoorn (Aleid’s yoga teacher) and Reiki second level with Denise Ernsting. His strong calm presence goes very well with this work. Doby does one session per day next to his cooking and hosting work. His sessions are very well received.

-We also work with extra massage therapists. You can book sessions with them in our home. Alex is a naturopath, prepares many of his own oils and offers a variation of ayurvedic treatments, relaxation and sportmassages. Michelle gives great Thai yoga massage on a mat. Bhakti is a friend with a long life experience in healing arts. A few times per year she joins our retreats. And Aleida used to work as a massage therapist, now only during yoga and sometimes as an extra masseuse.

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