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For more information or to book a retreat please contact us by

Mobile: +34-663337877, also whatsapp


Or fill in the contact form on this page.
Be sure to tell us what package you are interested in, duration etc, and how you would prefer to be contacted.
If you would like to Skype, please call or email first to exchange details.

Initial contact – therapy retreats:

After your registration on a therapy retreat, you will have either a free introductory session by telephone or a biographical writing assignment by email. Contact with Aleid regarding the therapeutic content is completely confidential. You will be asked a number of questions in order to make an initial assessment of your reasons for seeking support, and to confirm that she will be able to help.
If you are on a package other than therapeutic, e.g. personal yoga or detox, then you will not usually need to go through this process.

Preparation for therapeutic retreats

After our initial contact we’ll let you know if we need anything else. Therapy usually begins with an exploratory phase, which can be prepared in advance. It can be very helpful if you keep a diary or logbook for several weeks beforehand, concentrating on the theme which you want to work on.

All personal contact with the therapist and all information which you discuss during the sessions is confidential.

Contact us


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