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Our team will guide you through the initial assessment and preparation process to ensure an experience tailored to your needs. Complete the form. We usually answer within 4 daytime hours.

Contact for therapy processes

After you sign up for a retreat, we conduct a free introductory session to assess therapeutic support. If you choose a non-therapeutic package, such as yoga or detox, this step is usually omitted.

Preparation for therapeutic retreats includes an exploratory phase that begins after the first contact, with indications of information needed and suggestions for preparation.

Contact with Aleid regarding therapeutic content is completely confidential.

After the first contact:

We provide you with additional information if needed.

  • The therapy begins with an exploratory phase, which can be prepared in advance.

  • It is advisable to keep a journal focused on the topic to be addressed for weeks beforehand can be beneficial.

  • Any personal contact and information discussed during the sessions are confidential.
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