Stay Tuned In

May we all find the way from outer to inner focus.

May we all allow ourselves time for shock digestion and then settle…integrate.

May we all find inner health and peace.

There is so much information to digest. We reach out and share love with our dear ones and take care of those in need, we accept that the present influences absolutely everybody. There is a beautiful abundance of wisdom and humor, creativity and sharing…let us all be grateful for all the available connections for the right moments.

But there is a saturation point of information and it all becomes distraction. One can sure fill whole days online with every new information, wise advise, online groups and meditations. Both advising or following can become a dependent mode. What is your true motive to search or to share? Can you come to stillness? Do you like your own company? Can you allow yourself to go in and feel what is really needed? What brings you to what you love?!

My wisest teachers stay simple and direct, one writes a book in this given time and just says ‘our only certainty is that there is no certainty in life, if you can sit with that…that is your wisdom growing.’ One stays in his meditation hut in the mountains, deeply in awe of nature. And my first teacher Ganga says: in the hands of God there is not something as ‘another person’…on a worldly level take responsible care, but know all suffering is in the mind…for those ready to see, the virus can give the push to go beyond.’

From us both: We are here. We are well. Please let us know when we can help you with anything.

With love.


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