Our services

Retreats that transform your well-being

Our services are designed to offer you unique and profound experiences, guiding you on a journey towards balance and inner peace. From transformative retreats to yoga and meditation programs, each offering is carefully designed to provide you with a space for growth and healing.

Unique sessions

We offer retreats for individuals and for couples or friends, with counseling, therapeutic yoga and meditation options tailored to your needs.

Dialogue, yoga and meditation

Individual sessions can address both dialogue and specific practices such as therapeutic yoga, meditation and breathing techniques depending on your particular needs.

Life Coaching and Psychotherapy

 Therapeutic and everyday challenges

Collaborating with individuals in a personal environment represents a challenge for us to maintain total equality, authenticity and openness, both in the therapeutic field and in everyday life.

Exploring patterns

During training and counseling, we focus on identifying repetitive patterns that may be affecting your comfort.

Movements that guide you

We teach you to initiate movements and then to allow those movements to guide you.

Balance and flow

In each position, a balance is found that results in a harmonious flow.

Your stay in Sharanam

Our Sharanam accommodation offers a unique variety of rooms for our guests.

Variety of rooms

Each room has a private bathroom and special amenities, making your stay an unforgettable experience.

Catering & nutrition


We love cooking and aim to inspire others to eat healthy creative food. We hope people learn more about the preparation, the ingredients and effects of what they eat on their well being. 

The chef

Doby, the chef, is a vegetarian and world food specialist. He can tell you a lot about healthy alternatives and creative cooking at home.

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